Our Mission Statement Realized & Expansion Plans For The Next 365 Days

It was just over 365 days ago that we started Realspective. We had a dream and a vision about how we wanted to do things, and after 1 year in business together, Drew and I can see the vision coming together.

There have been great moments and some moments we'd love a chance at a re-do, overall though, we're super appreciative of our clients over the last year.

You, the awesome people we get to call clients, have allowed us the opportunity to deliver on our mission statement of "people and properties first".

We also just shot our first #RealResults client video, and are excited to do more, if you've worked with us in the past and would be open to shooting a video with us, we'd love to hear from you! We promise it's a lot of fun! 

When Drew and I started Realspective, we said we wanted to do things better and do things right. Treat people like people. Help people find a place to call home or move on when life changes happen. Simple right? Well, we didn't quite realize how powerful our mission statement of "people and properties first" would become for driving decisions on how we do things and how we operate our business day-to-day.

We've sold real estate from Burlington to Bowmanville, condos steps from Toronto's beaches to homes all the way north to almost Barrie. We've been known as the "condo guys" for years, but our experience and expertise reach beyond the condo market, as proven by our experience map below. Our "niche" has shifted this year and we've become known for doing things differently and marketing properties above and beyond any "standard" in the real estate industry.

Our Experience Map

Where we've helped clients sell their home or buy a property.


Today we are making our expansion plan known. We are here to help put people and their home first, across the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond!


We have a heavy focus in the Toronto market (as you can see above) but we want to give everyone the same awesome experience that we've delivered this year throughout the GTA. From luxury properties to the smallest studio condos, we guarantee that you'll love your listing and that we'll put you first.

Whether you're selling a house or a condo we believe you deserve the BEST and nothing less. We'll be aiming to expand outside Toronto as we grow, to deliver the same experience our clients expect in the city, to the many amazing communities and cities outside Toronto.

You'll ❤️ Your Listing. Guaranteed.

A real market(ing) advantage that makes buyers fall in love... and makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to working with you in the future and helping those you know achieve amazing results when selling.


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