Why Winter Is A Great Time To List Your Home


Thinking about listing your home or Condo? Winter is a great time to sell before the spring! Selling in the winter means you get ahead of the busiest listing season, avoid increased competition, and start the new year right! Here are some of the top reasons listing in the winter gives you an advantage.

Lower Inventory

Many people choose to wait until the spring to list their home. The spring is the most popular, and the best window to sell is typically smaller and way earlier in the year than people expect (think late March… not May or June).

Listing even earlier though means you’ll have less competition. This can give you a huge advantage if you have something that could be considered average or a little “cookie-cutter” if you’re listing a Condo.

With fewer homes on the market yours will stand out and potential buyers who are ready to buy will make offers on the best looking places.


New year can mean the start of new jobs… in real estate this means motivation and deadlines to move. Many of the buyers looking during the cooler months of the year are very motivated, looking to buy quickly, and need to find a home.

Decreased Demand For Other Services

As the fall market dies down and winter comes along, many people such as home inspectors, movers, stagers, and handymen will typically not be booked up… or will even sometimes cut you a special deal during these slower months.

Since all these suppliers are typically less busy, it means they can focus on making your move quicker, smoother, and an easier transition for you.

Cold Weather = Online. Research. Browsing.

Nobody wants to go outside when it’s freezing cold, but buyers will venture outside for a hot new property! During the winter buyers are staying inside, but they are doing research and become more active online looking at homes.

If your property has great photography that stands out, you are much more likely to grab a buyers attention during the winter. Another benefit, since it’s cold outside when buyers do arrive in your home it will already feel warm and homey.


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