There’s never a boring day in real estate. Everyday is different and each client is unique. That’s what I love the most about real estate.
— Jamie Kinch

Jamie Kinch

Managing Partner & Sales Representative



Jamie is the Managing Partner at the Realspective Team. He's held sales positions in Fortune 50 companies and worked with top real estate brands in Toronto before co-founding Realspective.

He's known for his honesty, match-making abilities when it comes to real estate, and his work-ethic. This reputation has led him to work with everyone from multi-million dollar luxury clientele to first-time buyers. Regardless of what you're looking for you'll always get Jamie's honest opinion on the market.

Today Jamie is in the top 1% of Agents in Downtown Toronto for number of units sold*.

Jamie has called Toronto home for over 27 years and loves everything Toronto. He's lived in Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, Etobicoke, and Leslieville - giving him a unique perspective on the neighbourhoods that make up the city. He loves share his passion and love for Toronto with those he works in the form of lots of fun facts about the history of Toronto.

Outside of real estate his hobbies include photography and golf. If you don't find him in a condo, you'll find him snapping photos are hitting long drives on the fairways around Toronto.