Why stage your property?

It’s commonly thought that in a hot market or with a “desirable neighbourhood” staging isn’t required.

The reality, staging is always required to maximize the sale price of a home.

When a home is listed for sale there is a short-time frame and only seconds to grab peoples attention. Staging plays a crucial role in making sure your home stands out online. The stats show that you have less than 3-seconds to grab someones attention browsing properties online. Once they click on your listing, you only get another 7 seconds to impress them and entice them to keep looking at your home.

People today we are finding aren’t as likely to want to lift a hammer, a paintbrush, or even stretch their imagination when it comes to a space. Buyers today are looking for magazine and HGTV show-stopper style properties that allow them to just move in and enjoy the urban lifestyle they are dreaming about.

#RealLife Staging Example

Take for example this luxury 1-bedroom in a very in-demand building.

Here are the “before” photos. Sure, you can see the space and know it’s a condo, but there isn’t a “WOW” factor that is grabbing your attention here. Almost 70% of Toronto homes and condos are listed with photos very similar to these. The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words”… well, we think in these cases a thousand words might better represent the home vs. using photos like this.

Now, here is the same condo “after” it was staged. The small investment in staging creates a major impact in the space and really allows someone to see how you could live in the space. We’ll let the photos do the talking…