Trusted People

Below is a list of various professionals that you may require along the way

Mortgage Professionals

You can pre-qualify on an app in 30-seconds, but a great mortgage professional will save you money and headaches. We recommend speaking to a few people and deciding who will work for you and with you the best. Mortgages are more than just who can give you the best interest rate, even though that is important.

You have two routes to explore when getting a mortgage. You can go with a Mortgage Broker who will shop around for the best rates and terms available from many sources. You can also speak with your bank since you already do business with them they’ll typically be interested in your business and providing the best. Note: Not all big banks work with Mortgage Brokers but many do, so double check as sometimes a Mortgage Broker can get you a better rate at the banks than you could on your own.

Duane Roy - Mortgage Outlet Inc.

647-490-1435 |

Shafraz Madhani - RBC Royal Bank

647-893-9233 |

Real Estate Lawyers

A great real estate lawyer is a must when buying or selling real estate. You want someone who understands the nitty-gritty details. The cost difference between the best real estate lawyer in the city and the cheapest is marginal. So pick a good one.

Feld|Kalia Professional Corporation

We’ve had many clients choose Feld|Kalia over the years. They know real estate law and are well equipped to handle any real estate transaction in Toronto.

416-203-6347 | | - Mark Weisleder

Mark has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and many other publications speaking about real estate law. He’s widely respected in the Toronto real estate industry as one of the best. also has a FREE mobile signing service that comes to you… which is a nice touch.

1-888-876-5529 | |

Home Inspectors

When buying a home you want someone you can trust to make sure everything is okay in the home. If you’re getting a home inspection done these are some reliable sources for Toronto home inspectors.

Carson Dunlop

There is a reason why Carson Dunlop is mentioned frequently when it comes to talking about home inspections in Toronto. They have been doing inspections for 40+ years and completed 150,000+ inspections. We have had many clients use them over the years and never heard anything negative.

416-964-9415 |

Inch by Inch Inspections

This company does residential and commercial inspections. They also perform air quality testing, asbestos testing, mold removal and remediation services and odour elimination services as well. They are also certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

416-826-7172 |